About Us

Let’s introduce the founders…

David, widely experienced in mobile and fixed telecoms businesses, has been working in IOT since it was just M2M, responsible for setting up BT’s MVNO and delivering a free public Wi-Fi service in Cardiff and the Bay.

Dave, doing IoT stuff when it was still telematics and a long term industry analyst for the Internet of Things.

Vic, pioneered the mobile internet for Vodafone and now slightly more interested in digital marketing than telecoms.

In 2019 we were doing some analysis of the IoT market in the UK and it became apparent that the existing business models in use by current IoT providers weren’t fit for purpose for all segments of the market.

So in 2020, locked down in our respective homes we kicked around the idea that there needed to be a different way of serving small and medium businesses who want to benefit from the Internet of Things.  

We focused on the best way to connect small numbers of devices transferring low amounts of data that offers a great price to our customers with a sustainable economic model for us.

We created a global forecast for the whole IoT market including not only cellular connections, but other technologies such as SigFox and LoRa  and we validated it against a number of industry forecasts,  including those from the GSMA. And we decided that, amongst the hype around ever increasing data rates, much of the growth is coming from low volume applications.

And so Hyphabit was formed.

A new type of IoT connectivity business that is technology agnostic and offers the best solution for your application.

We’re seeking to simplify the whole diagnostic journey, so that any business owner, developer or local council official can quickly and easily find out which is the best technology for their use case.

We’ll offer online products that means you can be up and running  in a couple of days and great visualisation tools so you can always see the data that’s important to you.

And if you’ve no idea what all this IoT stuff is about, we’ve got plenty of examples of how it can benefit your business in straightforward language.

The official bit...

Hyphabit Ltd is a privately held company, registered in England and Wales, company number 12980031. Registered office is Maes-Y-Berllan Mill Lane, Govilon, Abergavenny, Wales, NP7 9SD.