Dave Parker

My ‘IoT life’ began in the early 2000s as a Product Manager at Vodafone. While the mobile phone business was booming, Vodafone UK’s product portfolio included an under-appreciated service called Paknet. My job was to revive Paknet and raise the profile of M2M as a line of business. Developed in the early 1990s as a telematics and telemetry service, Paknet used VHF wireless technology and was a dedicated data network, separate from the core mobile phone network. The services it provided were a precursor of machine to machine (M2M) and IoT services. Our customers included utility companies, local authorities, banks and security firms. The IoT applications we see today running on mobile phone networks such as meter reading, EPOS and security alarms were running on Paknet for many years. With GPRS (2.5G) becoming available the costs to connect devices fell and my work at Vodafone included developing some of the early business for that technology as M2M became recognised as a line of business for mobile phone operators.  

 I found the technology interesting, though not nearly so interesting as the applications themselves. Customers were coming up with new ideas for connecting their devices almost daily it seemed.  I had the good fortune to work with many of them, providing connectivity during the development of their M2M solutions. In those days every piece of M2M business was a ‘project’, there were no off-the-shelf solutions.

After Vodafone I worked as a consultant to other companies in the M2M supply chain, including Sierra Wireless and Orange before moving to Dubai to lead an M2M initiative for du. This was a Business Development role where I gained more experience working with partners in the fleet management, transport, buildings energy management (HVAC), security and retail industries. Prior to co-founding Hyphabit I worked at Beecham Research for six years, the leading IoT industry analyst, continuing to develop my knowledge of the IoT supply chain, its economics and the evolving technology.

 After almost two decades working in the M2M/IoT space I continue to be intrigued by how customers find new ways of using IoT technology to enhance their businesses. We recognise that Hyphabit cannot be experts in all the vertical markets we serve but our experience and approach means we can help our customers find the best IoT technology for their application. The IoT stimulates the development of new revenue generating and cost saving applications, driven by improvements in networks, hardware and software. Our mission is to bring IoT connectivity to an ever wider market, particularly small to medium size (SME) businesses.