David Steel

I have spent over 20 years working across all telecom technologies, specifically on how they can help businesses. Frustrated with the way established providers were approaching helping businesses with IoT, it was time to create Hyphabit.

My background in telecoms

I was fortunate to learn my trade at Mercury Communications, where I met my co-founder, Dave. I delivered several innovative services, defined service strategies and successfully ran services commercially across voice, data and applications. Following senior roles at Worldcom and BT looking after major product portfolios I joined Vodafone.

At Vodafone, where I met Vic, I ran the 3G innovation area looking specifically at how 3G could help businesses. In that role I delivered the worlds first service offering access to corporate email from a mobile phone. I also introduced BlackBerry which became a major product for them. Running the Business Product Portfolio for Vodafone also introduced me to M2M, that has now become IoT – and the opportunity was clear.

Following the sale of Cellnet, I set up and ran BT’s Business Mobile team spanning development, commercial and sales delivering rapid growth whilst pioneering one of the deepest MVNOs at the time with Vodafone. This was used to demonstrate how fixed and mobile could work together.

I then lead and won the BT bid to provide the free public WiFi network in Cardiff and The Bay. Having successfully delivered that I moved to look at Smart Cities and once again picked up my interest in IoT, that lead to co-founding Hyphabit.

The breadth of my telecom odyssey has given me invaluable experience and insights that I want to use to help businesses get the most from IoT. Traditionally new technologies need technical expertise to exploit and so are the province of corporates – but it needn’t be that way. Simplifying and delivering cost effective IoT for smaller and medium sized businesses is the Hyphabit vision – and the team have the experience and skills to do that.