How vehicle tracking evolved to what we know today

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image of vehicle tracking on phone

What is vehicle tracking?Vehicle tracking has been around for a long time but as often happens with really useful technologies, vehicle tracking was made possible by bringing together two existing capabilities. The first was the Global Positioning System (GPS), the second was the mass deployment of cellular telephony. Even so, it took four decades for those two technologies to get to a point where vehicle tracking became a commercial reality.A child of the Space RaceGPS was a child of the ‘space race’ between the USA and the USSR. Following the launch of the first artificial satellite, Sputnik in 1957, researchers noticed that the frequency of signals coming from the satellite to a fixed point on the ground increased as it … Read More

Airtag review: How it compares to Tile


Apple Airtag and keyring

I am someone who can never keep track of things, so the much anticipated launch of Apple Airtags was great news. I’ve used Tile for a couple of years and I wondered how Airtags would compare. As with everything Apple opening the packaging was an event itself. The clean simple design never seems to tire and works well. When you finally get to the Airtag itself you are faced with a plastic skin and pull tag to activate the battery. It isn’t clear if the plastic used can be re-cycled – you would hope it could as I suspect there could be quite a number of these immediate discards. Up until this point the recyclability looks good.How to set-up an … Read More