M2M SIM Card

The Hyphabit M2M SIM card is a multi-IMSI, roaming SIM that connects to the strongest signal available rather than being tied to one network. The M2M SIM uses the 2G, 3G and 4G networks and can also use frequencies specifically designed for IoT applications. Our SIM cards are suitable for GPS trackers, pet trackers, alarms, remote sensors and any other IoT device that your application needs.
Example of Hyphabit M2M SIM Card

How do M2M SIM cards work?

The Hyphabit M2M SIM card can operate in 200 countries around the world and support over 800 networks. Our M2M SIMs are not tied to any one network in any given country and can roam amongst available networks.  This is important for applications that must stay connected as our SIMs can switch to another available network if a problem occurs or there is no coverage.

Small bundles for small businesses

Each M2M SIM card comes with a monthly data bundle. We’ve designed our tariffs specifically for small and medium sized businesses, so that you don’t have to buy more data than you need. Most IoT applications only use a small amount of data and our smallest bundle starts at 1MB.

Data Bundle Aggregation

If you have more than one M2M SIM card then the data bundles for each M2M SIM will be added together and can be used as a pool of data for them all to use. That means that any over use by one M2M SIM can be offset by under use on another, and so avoid any overage charges. 

For example – A single 5Mb M2M SIM using 6Mb in the 30 days would normally face overage charges for 1Mb. Three 5Mb M2M SIMs would give a pool of 15Mb data to use over 30 days. If one of them used 6Mb, but the others only used 3Mb each, the total usage would be 12Mb and so below the aggregated 15Mb data bundle – so no overage charges would be due.

One Global Rate for your M2M SIM Card

We know how confusing many mobile tariffs can be and we also recognise that the cost of connectivity is only one piece of the IoT puzzle. So we’ve designed the most simple tariff we can so there’s just one global data rate no matter where in the world your M2M SIM card is located.

Monthly or Annual Contracts

Don’t get tied into a long contract, choose between our monthly or annual contracts to suit your business. Pay upfront for a year’s worth of data, which typically saves around a third of the cost of paying each month or choose a monthly contract that renews each month allowing you to manage your cash flow.

SMS Bundles

You can also add a bundle of SMS to your account. The SMS bundle can be used to send or receive SMS on any of your M2M SIMs and works across your whole account. Further SMS bundles can be purchased as and when needed.

Three Sizes of SIM, One M2M SIM Card

Each of our M2M SIMs is pre-cut enabling you to select the right size SIM for your device. Each SIM card supports any device using Standard (sometimes called Mini), Micro or Nano SIM sizes.