Skip Fill Monitoring

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Why do I need Skip Fill Monitoring?Can you save money on fuel costs and reduce emissions if you plan a route that lets you pick up skips in the most efficient way? Do you have contracts with businesses, like newspaper printers, that rely on having skip capacity to run their businesses efficiently? Will customer satisfaction and recommendations increase if you can collect a skip as soon as it’s full, without your customer having to call you? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then your business may benefit from a monitoring solution that can automatically alert you when your skips are full and ready for collection. How does it work?Skip fill monitoring is part of a group of services … Read More

Can IoT help the Circular Economy?

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This year’s theme for Earth Day is “Restore Our Earth” and we’re reflecting on the requirement for a more sustainable approach to pretty much everything and whether IoT can assist in making that a reality. Since the industrial revolution our model of production and consumption can be summarised as ‘take-make-use-dispose’. Two hundred years later that model has been recognised as the cause of resource depletion, pollution, habitat loss and climate change. This is not sustainable. We have to move towards a different model, one of ‘take – make – repair – repurpose – recycle – remake’, to create a Circular Economy (CE). Many big corporations have developed or are developing CE strategies and practices, and many small and medium size … Read More