Smart Doorbell

DaveIoT, SME


Why do I need a Smart Doorbell?

A smart doorbell or smart button can benefit your business in different ways. As a security device it allows you to know who is at your door or an unattended reception desk. Your operations may involve you being out in the yard and away from the building while you attend to stocktaking or repairs for example. A hotel can use a smart button to summon a taxi without the need to make a phone call or send an SMS.

 You may be away from your premises but would like to know who is at your door and be able to communicate with them. You may also wish to give access to a trusted supplier or associate when you are not there.

How does it work?

A smart button can do something as simple as send an alert to that someone or something has arrived or to summon a taxi or help. More sophisticated smart doorbells work as part of a security system linked to a video camera and include two-way communication so you can see who is at your door or reception desk. Some systems include face recognition or security card processing to allow access for customers who have come to collect, or suppliers who are making a delivery.

What do I need to think about?

Return on investment

Before implementing any type of technology you need to decide whether the benefit that it will bring to your business is worthwhile when weighed up against the associated costs.

The benefits may be:

  • Not missing a customer while no one is at the desk.
  • Being able to call for help, call for a taxi or other service without needing to phone
  • Enhanced security, allowing you to see who is at your premises even when you’re not there.
  • Allows you to open a door to trusted associates who need access to the building.


The costs may include:

  • A simple IoT connected ‘button’ and an app on your phone to receive an alert when the button is pushed
  • A smart doorbell system with different options such as video camera links and two way communication connection.

  • A subscription charge for an application/portal allowing the smart bell to be monitored and providing two way communication to activate door opening and other communications. This again would be part of a more feature rich system.


Location of operation

This type of monitoring solution will use some type of wireless communication to send the alerts.

Power Supply

A simple IoT push button/bell can be used in places like hotels to summon a taxi or porters. It could be moved from place to place by operatives and work on batteries. A smart bell in a fixed location could use mains power or a battery depending on requirements.

Data Transfer

 You might be wondering how much data will be used to monitor your smart bell or button. If you’re just getting alerts from a simple push button you will only use a tiny amount of data - just a few bytes. This would allow the device to work on batteries for a long time, possibly years with an LPWA connection. If you have a fully featured smart bell with links to video cameras and two-way communication you would need a higher speed connection

What are my next steps?

You can use our Connectivity Navigator to help determine the right technology for connecting your smart bell. Or read some case studies from specialist providers of a taxi booking device and a smart button.